JanArt Jewelry

JanArt Jewelry

Art glass fusing is a highly complex and time-consuming process, requiring superior craftsmanship. precision and accuracy in execution.

Jana Sobelmann is the creator of perhaps the most innovative and beautiful art glass jewelry collection in the world.

Jana has been working with fusible glass In jewelerly design for only 5 years, after 8 years experience working with decorative stained and Tiffany glass, but the enormous success she has achieved proves that she is a true innovator in this field. For Jana, art glass fusing was like love at the first sight: It attracted her immediately. The feeling was like- "that's it, is mine".

In her efforts to develop her skills In this complex subject, she has invested a lot of time to learn more about the behavior of glass, studying this interesting field, within different frameworks., in Insrael, Germany, the USA and Scandinavia. This diverse education in glass has complemented her natural talent and has helped her to develop colour combinations, design ideas and the possibilities of combining other materials with glass.

In Jana's extraordinary pendants, bracelets, necklaces and earrinqs, a variety of supplementrary materials like cotton and silver, gold and fabric, semi-precious stones and leather art often included.

Jana now concentrates on art glass jewelry design. using fusing and lamp working techniques. The endless possibilities, in terms of shape and color, have added an entirely new artistic direction to the fashion accessories field.

Jana is perfectionist. Each individual glass component every fragment and every line is hand-crafted, cut and assembled to create a dynamic piece of jewelry of vibrant clarity and colour.

JanArt jewelry has won immense popularity all over Europe, Australia, North America and South America, for its beauty, originality and fine quality and can be found in some of the most fashionable stores, boutiques, galleries and specialist exhibitions.

Beautifully packaged, JanArt - art glass jewellery is now collected by women who love and appreciate the very best that fashion jewelry has to offer.

JanArt Jewelry

JanArt Necklace 1633042
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Janart  Necklace 1633068

JanArt Necklace 1633068
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JanArt Jewelry Necklace

JanArt Necklace 1633009
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JanArt Necklace 1633116

JanArt Necklace 1633116
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