DazzleandShimmer.com Introduces Jester Swink Jewelry

DazzleandShimmer.com is proud to introduce Jester Swink jewelry. Artist Rae Gedlaman created Jester Swink jewelry, transitioning her natural eye for detail and composition in photography and advertising to designing jewelry that beckons to every woman’s alter ego through bold and expressive metal fabrication pieces. Some of her jewelry can be worn in 2 different ways, giving the wearer unique options not seen with other jewelry designers.

The Jester Swink name resembles Gedlaman’s independent style and in a sense her alter ego. Designed for women who live by their own set of rules and know exactly what they want (and fearlessly go after it!), Jester Swink jewelry stands for confidence and striking style. With statement-making pieces, Jester Swink is “inner-active” inspiring the artistic, independent, and sophisticated side of women, yet is still versatile and adaptable to any style or mood.

Be sure to visit our Jester Swink Fashion Jewelry and look forward to more as we continually add more of her collections.